AboveInfinity's GTAV:RP controls


Function Keys

  • Press F1

    Brings up your phone

  • Press F2

    Brings up your inventory

  • Press F3

    Brings up the emote list

  • Press F5 (Admin/Mods only)

    Brings up player management allowing you to spectate players, kick, ban and unban.

  • Press F7

    Brings up your unpaid invoices

  • Press F8

    Open the in-game console. Example use: connect gta.aboveinfinity.gg

Other Keys

  • Press U

    Looks for keys within a car that doesn't belong to you.
    Locks & Unlocks a car in close proximity which you have keys for

  • Hold B

    Makes your character point

  • Press T

    Brings up the text box for you to type chat messages or commands

  • Hold Y (Police Only)

    Will mimic a police radio and transmit to all other online police officers