Getting Started


We are primarily running the server for our community through Discord, however we are currently running the server on a non-whitelist basis (everyone is fun to join). This may change in the future depending on it's popularity.

Priority will then be given to those in the Discord and/or invested time into playing on the server. Feel free to join the Discord server here.

You'll need Grand Theft Auto V on PC and the FiveM mod to play. Both Steam and Rockstar Social Club versions of GTA V should work fine.


  Go to FiveM.
  Hit "Download Client".
  Copy the downloaded .exe file to your preferred install location (currently requires ~650MB of space).
  Run it and select your GTA 5 install directory when prompted (If you use Steam, right-click on the game, Properties > Local Files > Browse local files to check your directory)

  Congratulations! You’re good to go!


FiveM will automatically download everything required to play on Ai's GTA server.

We do suggest that you download this mapzoomdata.meta file and copy it into:
Be sure to rename your original file (if you have an existing one) to something memorable (e.g. mapzoomdata.meta.old) if you wish to revert.